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What to do and see in the province of Catanzaro

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The province of Catanzaro offers numerous opportunities for those who want to discover the beauty of Calabria, from the sea to the mountains of the Sila plateau. With its 80 municipalities, the territory extends from the Tyrrhenian Sea to the Ionian Sea, with the majestic Sila Mountains at its center. Let's see what the main places to visit are.





Soverato is one of the most well-known and frequented tourist destinations in Calabria. Located on the Ionian Sea, it is famous for its fine white sandy beach that stretches for several kilometers. In addition to the crystal-clear sea, Soverato also attracts many tourists for its lively nightlife, featuring numerous clubs, bars, and restaurants along the promenade.

"The Valli Cupe"

A few kilometers from Catanzaro lies the charming natural park of Valli Cupe. This protected area, traversed by the Neto River, hosts deep rocky gorges immersed in the greenery of the Mediterranean scrub. The trekking trail along the canyons allows you to admire breathtaking panoramas.


The town of Squillace, overlooking the homonymous gulf, still preserves its medieval historic center intact. Worth visiting are the cathedral with the Arab-Norman bell tower and the castle, which overlooks the town from above. In the surrounding areas, you'll find golden beaches such as Pietragrande.


As the regional and provincial capital, Catanzaro is situated on a hill overlooking the two seas. In the city, you should explore the historic center with the Cathedral and the castle, offering a magnificent panoramic view. Also of interest are the Germaneto district and the archaeological area of Valle Telesina.

Sila Piccola

In the inland areas, the Sila plateau stretches out—a green area rich in forests of larch and beech trees. Sila Piccola is home to Lake Cecita, an ideal destination for relaxing walks in close contact with nature. Don't miss the Acquabona waterfalls, which stand at over 30 meters in height.

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Other places

Certainly, the villages of Taverna, rich in history, and Martirano Lombardo, perched on a hill, are worth a visit. For those who love the sea, spending a few days of relaxation in Copanello and Caminia, renowned seaside resorts, is a great idea. Finally, for enthusiasts of food and wine, do not miss the opportunity to taste typical products such as the IGP Soverato chili pepper and the cured meats of Calabrian black pig.


The province of Catanzaro harbors an invaluable treasure: its villages. A mosaic of hilltop towns, overlooking the sea or immersed in the pristine nature of the Sila, these are the repositories of history, culture, and traditions.

Each village tells a unique story, from the medieval vestiges of Badolato and Belcastro to the Renaissance elegance of Borgia and Cropani. Curinga and Filadelfia captivate with their Norman castles, while Gimigliano and Maida reveal their ancient roots.

Montepaone and Nicastro enchant with their breathtaking views, while Soverato and Squillace offer a perfect blend of history and sea. Tiriolo, finally, are true gems, with their medieval old towns and evocative atmospheres.

A journey through the villages of the province of Catanzaro is an unforgettable experience, a dive into the past intertwining with the present, a succession of emotions that capture the heart.