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WHAT TO SEE IN ITALY:The ways of craftsmanship at Calabria

euro 30 per person for groups of at least 15 people)

Which souvenir should I choose if I go to Calabria?


If you're in Calabria you can't help but buy a souvenir, souvenirs have always represented memories, gifts, philosophy of the territory, in Calabria a unique and original souvenir to take with you are the souvenirs of Bottega Artigiana BergArte.

BergArte products are made from the peel of bergamot (citrus typical of the province of Reggio Calabria), which shaped by skilled hands take different forms of design, fashion accessories, spice racks and room scenting ... The fruit is stripped of its pulp by hand, without breaking or damaging the peel, which is then left to dry in the sun, obtaining a rubbery material that can be turned and modelled.

The processing of bergamot peel began in 1700 with the invention of the snuffbox made of bergamot peel. The snuff box was used to make the snuff aromatic, containing it in these small ampoules with a wooden screw cap, the snuff took the heady aroma of bergamot. The Bergarte Artisan Workshop works from January to March on the fresh citrus fruit, while in the following months the decoration and finishing of the souvenir is carried out.

In the Bergarte workshop a wide range of bergamot-scented artefacts are made in a completely artisanal way, in the most varied forms (roses, boxes, snuff boxes, shoes, fashion and design objects and much more), achieving a perfect symbiosis between art, nature, traditional craftsmanship and modernity.

Other recommended souvenirs are: baskets made by master basket-maker Aldo Mammoliti in San Giorgio Morgeto and artistic ceramics from Seminara and Bagnara Calabra.

Aldo Mammoliti's baskets from San Giorgio Morgeto

An icon by now of the mountain handicraft, in the laboratory of Mr. Aldo you can admire the working of the baskets made of chestnut wood.

In the past, the art of weaving was not a real craft activity, as it was a skill common to many farmers who learned it during their adolescence in a strictly family environment. It was therefore not a real job, but an activity to which farmers devoted themselves during their breaks and moments of rest. Among them there was always someone particularly good who made baskets for themselves and for others. In the peasant economy

It was not possible for the peasant economy to develop a significant sale of these products. Today, few people make baskets, partly because the use of synthetic materials has put the production of baskets in crisis. Skilled hands patiently shape the wood into baskets, fruit bowls, baskets and much more. In San Giorgio Morgeto you can admire the very characteristic historical centre, the various and numerous churches, other craft shops and the castle, the nucleus around which the fascinating history of San Giorgio Morgeto gravitates. The ancient village is situated on a hill that is an outpost of the Aspromonte National Park on the Gioia Tauro Plain, characterised by the presence of a real triumph of spring waters. Giorgio Morgeto still dominates the Tauro plain and the Tyrrhenian Sea from Sant'Elia to Capo Vaticano: enriched by the panoramic backdrop of the Stromboli and the Aeolian Islands, it is one of the most significant symbols of Mediterranean mythology.



Seminara is an ancient city of Calabria, destroyed by the earthquake of 1783. It was the seat of an Episcopal diocese, basilicas, monasteries and universities.

Seminara in the time has always been named for the sacred art or the Black Madonna of the poor. Famous for its olive oil but above all for its ceramics.

Hands that mould the clay, transforming it into real works of art according to working methods handed down from generation to generation. A product that has also been able to innovate over time without losing its link with history. The original Seminara ceramics are produced and recognised by the Calabria Region with quality certification based on the materials and fine workmanship.

  • Visit to the BergArte craft workshop in Varapodio RC with tasting of typical local products.
  • Visit to the historical centre with the churches of Varapodio
  • 11:30 Arrival in San Giorgio Morgeto
  • Visit to San Giorgio Morgeto to see the work of the master basket maker Aldo Mammoliti, the crib of the crib craftsmen, the medieval historical centre and the Castle.
  • 13:00 End of visit to San Giorgio Morgeto (Lunch break)
  • 15:30 arrival in Seminara visit to the Artistic Ceramics of Seminara. Visit to the Cathedral of the Madonna dei Poveri .





The town of Palmi and Mount Sant' Elia can also be visited during the route.

End of itinerary at 18:00

full day including lunch

minimum number of participants 15

Services: tour leader included