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An adventure park, also commonly known as a high-altitude acrobatic course, is a type of amusement park consisting of several aerial routes placed at various heights above the ground that, with the help of lianas, Tibetan bridges, cables (cableways), nets and walkways, allow you to pass from one tree to another (or a special artificial structure) in extreme safety.


Adventure Parks in Calabria


 Potame Adventure Park
The park is located a few kilometres from the town of Potame, in the province of Cosenza, in a pine forest at about 1100 metres above sea level.The park has five acrobatic courses, three for adults and two for children, and two trial courses.In addition to the aforementioned acrobatic courses in the trees, the park has a well-equipped refreshment area with a bar and grill, a stand with typical local Calabrian products, an Info Point, a picnic and barbecue area with tables and benches, and an area for corporate and religious meetings.For groups wishing to experience nature for several days, the park has agreements with B&B and hotels in the area.The squirrel ALVIN and the fox FURBETTA are the Mascots of the Park.

 The Silavventura Park ( in Lorica. 


Silavventura ( is in Lorica, on the shores of Lake Arvo. The park offers a variety of activities: 14 tarzaning routes, 2 climbing walls, mountain biking, canoeing, overnight stays in woodland cottages, picnic area with barbecue, hiking, environmental education, etc. Inside, there is the refreshment point "La Baita", where you can taste local products such as potato gnocchi with porcini mushrooms ... all Made in Sila.In Cassano dello Ionio there is the Sibari Avventura managed by the Minerva Club resort.
Discover Sybaris Explora, the new park dedicated to fun, adventure, archaeology and educational workshops!
A big park with lots of activities designed to involve everyone.Archeo Experience - the brand new area that hosts the reconstruction of the ancient Sybaris. You can live a day as an ancient Roman, walking along the decumanus between a stop in the workshops for metalworking and ceramics and a snack in a taberna.Adventure Park - exciting walks through the treetops along routes with varying degrees of difficulty, designed for all age groups. In the midst of nature, you will hang from trees, walk on wooden walkways, cross Tibetan bridges, and hang logs, experiencing courage, fun and respect for the rules.
Paintball - at the Paintball field you can measure your shooting skills by challenging your opponents to shots of coloured jelly. Conquer the opponent's field in a fun battle armed with your compressed air launcher.


It is not an adventure park, but it will provide you with unique experiential activities.
A magnificent village on the national circuit of the Most Beautiful Villages in Italy, Civita in Calabria is home to the only Nature Education Centre in the whole region. I SETTE VENTI DEL POLLINO (SEVEN WINDS OF POLLINO) provides interactive education on birds of prey, banishing hunting and shows from the ancient art of falconry, recently named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In the first and only naturalistic falconry centre in Calabria it is possible to carry out an INTERACTIVE didactic path, which includes workshops on environmental and rural culture and leads visitors to discover the fascinating and magical world of birds of prey, fairy-tale animals with an impressive character. The visit, which may vary depending on the time available, is suitable for all ages, as long as you are dressed in onion skin and wear comfortable shoes! Step by step, you will learn about the lives of numerous birds of prey in a naturalistic way. And not just hawks: the Centre's animals include Shira, the majestic eagle owl, Nuvola, the curious barn owl, Zeus, the playful buzzard, and many others to be discovered through a story linked to biology, right up to the final treat, a bow with his majesty Abel the golden eagle, an encounter so close you can hear his heart beat! In short, emotion is guaranteed!ATTENTION:
Do not come with the idea of going to the Zoo;
Don't come with the idea of going to the Circus;
Do not come with the idea of going to the Circus;
COME ONLY IF YOU WANT TO KNOW THE WORLD OF RAPACLES in the smallest details, to appreciate what evolution has given to these fantastic WINGED BEINGS.
As well as hosting visits as an excellent educational opportunity for young and old, the Centre is also the starting point for many other activities: sport and adventure, art and culture, crafts and gastronomy, aimed at young people, families, groups of enthusiasts, students, sports enthusiasts and more. Among the most interesting are visits to archaeological excavations, various trekking routes (both in summer and in winter with snow), birdwatching, historical and cultural routes, tastings of typical local products, nature trails in karstic caves, rock climbing, various workshops on local crafts, nature and Calabrian traditions, and many other experiences that can be enjoyed while enjoying a breathtaking view!
Info: 3406659574
Falconieri Dei Setteventi.
Vico Martiri, 87010 Civita CS





In the woods of Serra San Bruno we find Adrenalina Verde (


It is located at an altitude of 850m above sea level, only 30 km equidistant from the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Ionian Sea. Lush vegetation, tranquillity, the scent of woods and herbs, this is the Calabria of the Serre, near Tropea and Soverato, Stilo and Pizzo, Capo Vaticano and Gerace.The "Adrenalina Verde" ADVENTURE PARK offers several trails of increasing difficulty, allowing everyone to have fun according to their abilities. It is also possible to make interesting excursions in the surrounding area.
The World of Prehistory  This is a theme park dedicated to the world of prehistoric animals and the first forms of life to appear on Earth. It offers the possibility of observing the various stages in the evolution of living beings on Earth, from the first complex life forms that appeared on our planet in the marine environment around 635 million years ago, to the appearance of man. Structured with scientific rigour, the park allows visitors to have fun while learning, immersing themselves in the past through reconstructions of specimens and various interactive activities. The park is surrounded by lush greenery with numerous species of trees and plants to complete the setting.




The World of Prehistory



This is a theme park dedicated to the world of prehistoric animals and the first forms of life to appear on Earth. It gives visitors the opportunity to observe the various stages in the evolution of living beings on Earth, from the first complex life forms that appeared on our planet in the marine environment some 635 million years ago, to the appearance of man. Structured with scientific rigour, the park allows visitors to have fun while learning, immersing themselves in the past through reconstructions of specimens and various interactive activities. The park is surrounded by lush greenery with numerous species of trees and plants to complete the setting.





Orme nel Parco adventure park


In Zagarise, in the Sila National Park, a beech wood is the setting for the Orme nel Parco adventure park 

Not just an adventure park, but a total immersion in the nature and wonderful landscape of this unspoilt area of the Sila National Park.

Orme nel Parco is the first adventure park to be created in Calabria. It is immersed in a beautiful three-hectare beech wood, in Tirivolo (Municipality of Zagarise), in one of the most evocative and uncontaminated scenarios of the Sila National Park, where the purest air in Europe has been detected.  In the park there are 16 acrobatic courses (9 for adults and 7 for children), an archery range, a 6 m wall for sport climbing, Fab-bikes and E-bikes for hire, a relaxation area in the woods with a Jacuzzi, tents suspended among the trees where you can stay overnight, an enclosed area with games for children, 21 picnic areas (booking required) with barbecues and a refreshment point where you can taste typical products. Around the park there are several paths for easy walks on your own, but it is possible to book excursions with expert guides. The park also has an agreement with the nearby village of mountain huts where it is possible to stay overnight in B&B mode.



Avventure in Borgo


Avventure in Borgo is the  Europe's first Borgo Adventure in Calabria.

Avventure in Borgo was born in Sellia in 2017, a small village of 508 inhabitants about 20 kilometres from Catanzaro.

The main attractions are: the flight over the village, 500 metres long with departure from the park and arrival in the historic centre; the launching tower, 15 metres high; the large Tibetan bridge, panoramic, 130 metres long; five acrobatic courses spread over 24 workshops overlooking the Gulf of Squillace and various games on the ground.

In the village the adventures continue with other exciting experiences, such as the one offered by the SMOSS museum network, which makes Sellia the village with the highest number of museums per capita in Europe.

It is also possible to stay overnight in the village hotel and taste genuine cuisine.

All this in an ancient village made up of streets and stories of a time never past. Many activities are planned during the summer season, such as Wednesdays in the village and Fridays in the park. 




Il Bosco Sospeso ( )

The Bosco Sospeso (Suspended Wood) is located in the woods of the Serre Calabresi, in the municipality of Cenadi, a few kilometres from Monte Covello, halfway between the Ionian Sea and the Tyrrhenian Sea.

 It is the ideal destination for anyone wishing to come into direct contact with unspoilt nature, breathe pure air, get away from the hectic pace of the city, and enjoy a bit of relaxation amidst the age-old vegetation that frames this unique experience.

The park offers various opportunities. The acrobatic tree courses - a series of environmentally friendly ropes, bridges and walkways - offer adults and children the chance to test their courage and balance in symbiosis with nature. In addition, there are safe, long hikes on foot, which are a true sensory experience and a treat for body and mind.

The entire park is a picnic area, with tables, chairs and barbecues available for users, and a special area for children.

No reservation is required to enter the park and admission is free. Only the activities you decide to do and the services you use are charged for.



Reventino adventure park (


The Reventino is

a mountain range that guards the uniqueness of its ʻGreen Stoneʼ, a mineral form not found in the other Calabrian Alps, and the mystery of the ʻFota Stoneʼ, a rock hidden in the woods, which in Italian translates as ʻFairy Stoneʼ.

 The first settlements in the Reventino area date back to prehistoric times, and the legends about the fairies, ʻwho have always inhabited these placesʼ, are linked to the Greek gods of the nymphs.

We find mountain peaks of over 1400 metres.

The Reventino Massif finds its place in the narrowest strip of land in Italy, in the Isthmus of Marcellinara.

Water, an essential natural element, is very present in the Reventino with its springs of pure water scattered in the woods. A luxuriant and flourishing mountain, also linked to the famous spas of the Lametina plain. From the town of Conflenti, in fact, flows the Bagni river whose springs have been used since ancient times in the sulphurous waters of the Terme di Caronte.

At an altitude of about 1,000 metres, on Monte Reventino, the forest becomes a vertical game, hosting an adventure park made up of green spaces and sophisticated installations suspended among the trees. What makes the park ʻacrobaticʼ are, in fact, its aerial structures, Tibetan bridges, tyrolean bridges and so on, which define it as a sports centre and an educational area of reference for the surrounding community. The activities on offer cover a variety of themes: from ecology to creative recycling, botany and biodiversity; with a particular focus on the protected species present in the park. 




In the SORVOLANDIA ADVENTURE PARK in Lamezia Terme you can have fun in total safety, moving from one tree to another thanks to suspended platforms, steel cables, Tibetan bridges, pulleys, ropes and ladders.

In the park, which covers about 60 hectares, a sector of about nine hectares is reserved for the Botanical Garden. Dedicated to the cultivation of American vines since the 19th century, this garden is criss-crossed by stone-paved or earthen paths bordered by boxwood hedges and contains more than a thousand different species of trees, shrubs and grasses typical of Calabrian flora. It is divided into various sectors dedicated to succulent, aromatic and medicinal plants, palms and cycads and fruit trees (arboretum).






The first adventure park in Reggio Calabria

ASPROPARK is located 5 minutes from Gambarie d'Aspromonte.

Where we find:

- children's play area, lots of outdoor fun;

- Aspromonte didactic farm, "Pippo's carriage" (ride on a wagonette-type carriage pulled by a TPR horse); - 5 aerial courses equipped with balance and skill games, three of which are for children and two for adults and teenagers;

- 10-metre Tree Climbing wall;

- 90-metre Tyrolean flight;

- cycle path with mountain bike hire;

- 2 scented paths for the visually impaired and able-bodied characterised by resting points and naturalistic observation in an environmental context falling within the Aspromonte National Park;

- picnic area with barbecue tables for eating and spending time with friends surrounded by nature.